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Divine ( | Ban Request
Name: Divine

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:241865413

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 4:15 (AEST)

Reason for the ban: Intentional? freekill


the player was on beds, not a place where you would spawn in the cells, therefore he moved and was active, making it a delay.
also, in future, please put in the players Steam ID, not the link to the steam profile.


edit; couldnt be happier.
Hey mate,

Due to not being able to hear the orders + thats not a spawnpoint.
At most this would be a slay and respawn ingame this does not warrent a CTBAN.

Guac/chell dont post on ban requests mini modding, unless you have something to add fak off.


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