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Slicer - VIP Abuse during LR.
Admin name: Slicer.

Time of Incident: 18/10/2020, 7:05pm in-round time, Round 1 Open day. 


Details of the Incident: Slicer used /healthshot during a team LR event, he continued to use the medshot during the LR to gain an unfair VIP advantage over other non-VIP players. In credit for Slicer, he did stand in the damage zone to lose, but this was only after he was called out for abusing the VIP /healthshot command. During this time over mic, when I called someone out for claiming and using a healthshot during the LR, krispy was also online who responded with 'how is that abuse'. I understand krispy may have been confused during this time, so he is not having a complaint being brought up upon himself. I do not believe this to be a 'fat-finger' occurance, since he claimed the healthshot, used the healthshot and did not take proper action until being called out for VIP Abuse.

Call me a degen all you want, shit like this would have gone unreported otherwise. 


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Hello DrKittens,

Thanks for bringing this to our Attention. Krispy has been informed about the incident and the rules around the VIP usage during an LR, the whole point of an LR is that it is meant to be fair to all included so in this case obtaining the medshot made it unfair to all others involved. We have spoken to Slicer aswell and he is aware of what he did wrong and he explained that he inscintivly obtained the medshot, we also reminded Slicer to uphold himself more strictly on the rules as a staff member.



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