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3rd person feature
[Image: QIg9jjd.png]
I was recently playing on *redacted* and noticed that there is a BHOP style called third-person, ive seen this on a few videos and i think it could be a cool and possibly easy thing to add as a feature.

Idk if it will be VIP exclusive or something everyone could access but If it could work on a multiplayer bhop server i dont know why it wouldn't on jailbreak. It seems kinda fun.
[Image: chiswell.gif][Image: TqDLoGT.png]
I used to play a different jailbreak server where 3rd person was included (tf2 jb) it was very overpowered as you could just hide in cells/rooms and wait for guards/cts to walk in and you rush them and backstab them or hit them, but this is all under The manager's discretion.
Never going to happen

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