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mashed potatoes ( | Unban Request
Name: mashed potatoes

SteamID or Discord ID:

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: I logged to an alt so I could mess around. I had created a autohotkey script that enables near perfect bhop in-game like many modern day csgo hacks now days. So I booted the script and started ignoring ct's tasks and requests and started rebelling godlike average 350-550 units per second and then I got permanently banned with the following reason: Perf: 92.6% || Avg: 2.1 / 461.6 || mashed potatoes<2734><STEAM_1:1:435343234><> || Map: ba_jail_ds_canyonbam || Last: 4 4 4 4 Last seen: ba_jail_ds_wakka_v7 I would like to have clear reason what all the details in my ban mean.

Why should you be unbanned?: I have understood what the server is about and I've had a lot of fun in it to be honest and I have usually followed most of the rules and this is the only good one i have ever been of of 15 different servers I've been overtime.

Hi Mashed potatoes

You were banned by our auto ban system as it picked up your injected cheats. We dont take cheating lightly here so your unban request isĀ Denied.

Cheating is never allowed on our servers especially it is part of our rules.

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