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✮︎DS✮︎ Dead (Weedy#1380) | Unban Request
Name: ✮︎DS✮︎ Dead

SteamID or Discord ID: Weedy#1380

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: I was banned because i was bhopping as a terrorist. I honestly dont know why i got banned for just bhopping but thats understandable ii guess. But not for a perm ban. And i was not even cheating!

Why should you be unbanned?: I should be unbanned cause ii personally feel that i got unfairly banned and that it wasn't fair for me, just cause ii bhopped. Obviously i would stop and not go as hard. I learnt my lesson and haven't been able to play in months which has been sad. I also supported the server. So concluding ii dont think i should be banned and should get unbanned as i spent a lot of time playing and supporting it by buying VIP

Lying isn't going to get your ban removed/reduced.

You clearly injected bhop cheats on the servers and won't own up for it.

~admin law aint about likeability its about equality baby~
- Mannnggg (?tid=1425)

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