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Alarm Clock - Blue (Reward)
Hi follow Jailbreakers.
Each to there own, but normally I get to sleep easy and wake up easy because of my free union concious. So normally it goes as below.

1> Beep Beep Beep
2> scretch and sit up
3> Walk over to the PC and turn on
4> Start up music playlist and 30 second beeper video
5> Do my 12 minute workout for them abs and muscles for the chickababes.
6> Shower, and as I get out, microwave meal for 4 minutes
7> In the microwave time, get dressed and set up my coke for my food, Eatting time!

And all is good, I'm no music lover, but I like some rand songs, and all this take less then 30 minutes and I never get distracted or delayed or put in a bad mood cause I got no mobile phone or outside communication to ruin my wlittle feelings for the day. So every morning is a good morning really.

But there is one thing which could make every day a special day, every day and that would be a new alarm clock, in fact I'm after a very particular alarm clock, and I google but no luck at all and nobody sell exactly what I want, so I put it out there, if you can lead me to information you will be rewarded with Uber Eats or Uber Eat donation in cash or to your charity of choice. All I want is the alarm clock from the video Steps - Tragedy. Its so cute!!! Also it would be cool if it jumped like the film clip, though that not a must. So anyway hope there some good information from the lovely prisoners and guards here as taking this picture into a CNC factory will be costly, and worse, embarrassing...

[Image: KDr0rSx.png]
Very cool post!

I read it very much Smile

Edit: Doraemon is cat name.
I spent roughly 5 seconds looking through the comments on the post and saw this. https://ibb.co/qRM6PfT
Also please find below to see on the wikipedia page for the song:

The video for "Tragedy" starts with a Doraemon-shaped alarm clock ringing and sees Faye, Claire, and Lisa getting married. The lads, Lee and H, sabotage all three weddings before they all go to a disco. The church and disco scenes were filmed in All Saints' Church, Harrow Weald, London and the adjoining Blackwell Hall, respectively. The external location shots of the boys leaving their house and driving were filmed in Blackheath, South London. The group's actual families all took part in the video, with the girls' fathers walking them down the aisle, and record producer Pete Waterman appears as the wedding DJ.
[Image: canada-flag-animation.gif]
Good work 'PHDKittens'.

Immediately buying some stickers ($1.80), there so cute!
[Image: 2HRtLCm.jpg]
Have you seen how much everything cost in this brand $$$ Sad, looks like there was even a mariokart version of the little Doraemon
Over 70000 listings lol on ebay alone.
One of them is an alarm clock Wink

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