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knee grow (spikeye#3865) | Unban Request
Name: knee grow

SteamID or Discord ID: spikeye#3865

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: I don't really know the reason, but this is what happened before I got banned. So I joined a call with a guy with a frog pfp wrapped in red cloth and then I said "Hello". After that he then asked me something but I didn't understand what it was. He then got mad and banned me.

Why should you be unbanned?: I just wanna get unbanned because I enjoy playing Jailbreak and I have made some friends through the discord server. The discord server is where I go whenever I have some queries or I just wanna talk to people that also play jailbreak so I would really appreciate if my ban will get lifted. It's okay if I don't get unbanned, I'm just asking for a consideration. That's all and I hope you do consider my appeal. Thank you.

You're not banned from the Discord?? What gave you the impression you are banned?

Please don't waste our time next time.
I'm sorry no one comes to mind that matches that description.
[Image: CV9aEND.gif]
IP Address: Logged
Ok you are appearing as banned now, I have spoken to the "frog pfp wrapped in red cloth" staff member.

He believes you to be on an alt, and of someone previously banned. You use Discord in the browser and with a VPN, huge red flags.

We have issues with alt accounts currently, so if you want to be unbanned you must use Discord as a normal human.

Like I said I haven't downloaded the discord app yet cuz i just got this pc. This was previously owned by my brother. If downloading the discord app will make me earn ur trust then I'll do it.
do it
Yep already done
Can you link the steam account you use to play jailbreak please?
Its knee grow
so you are telling me you only have hours on jailbreak from the last 7 days, but you joined discord a month ago?

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