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Unban Request: pOLICE
Name/Steam ID: pOLICE/ STEAM_0:1:444689844


Reason for ban: I was banned due to getting the perf of 40%+ with only using spacebar. I have had practice on bhop servers and also on normal graded servers such as DTK. The main focus was getting timing right for a consistent Bhop. I was banned a few times for using a method so the rules would not be broken. People didn't like me using edits of my hardware/software to bunnyhop. 

Banning Admin: RetroDawn

Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because there were no specific rules guarding the rules. I was simply bypassing what the rules had said. I was doing things that were making my bhops persistent. I can already bhop, however, I like to use my skills that i've learned in the industry that I'm currently working at. It's unfair that I get banned for something that wasn't protected by any means.
We know you script, and you've admitted to it yourself. Wait out the ban and hopefully next time you learn before the 10080 turns into a 0.
denied. lied you know the rules stop trying to find loopholes
Your ban has now been increased to a permanent ban for ban evading, re apply in a month for a chance at an unban.
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