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IDIDNTSMOKEWEED (76561198050540555) | Ban Request

SteamID or Discord ID: 76561198050540555

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 2:15pm

Reason for the ban: Freekilled me while I was following orders to go to hunger games(door to hunger games closed; when I went to open it, another rebelling t was shot near me and he continued shooting me after that t died)


Hi and thank you for your ban request. Generally we do not ctban over a single freekill, especially when it is clearly an accident. In future you should contact the admins (Using an @ in team chat followed by your message) in game as quickly as possible as you will be respawned if it was indeed a freekill. As a staff member was on at the time you would have been respawned.


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