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S T E E Z Y (S T E E Z Y#4584) | Unban Request
Name: S T E E Z Y

SteamID or Discord ID: S T E E Z Y#4584

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: i was banned for being toxic and rude

Why should you be unbanned?: before i do anything im cuddles re applying this because the old one has not been looked at at all (its been 10 days) any way
i should be unbanned because this was a long time ago when i was very inmature but i have now grown as a person and I'm extremely sorry i now highly regret my actions i am starting to take the servers much more seriously and i would really apreciate to be unbanned so i can interact with the community much more i would love to be unbanned i love your servers steezy -


You've been unbanned

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