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im not Loki (
Name: im not Loki

SteamID or Discord ID:

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: Round 4 or 5, Wakka Trinity, 9:00pm, 29/06/20

Reason for the ban: Freekill during lr, target freekill proceeding round.

Evidence: No evidence, but if you check the demos you see him shoot me with his deagle during deagle toss, then proceeds to freekill me in cells the next round and make it look like an accident.

hello lumpy,

after reviewing the demo it appears you had delayed the LR for almost 2 minutes, running around the outside of wakka where the ct could not find you.

the next round you spawned in gun cell, where he mistook you for the player shooting the gun, then slayed himself when he realised there were two players in your cell.

pls stop delaying in lrs

i will also get you to clip the evidence next time, or i'll just deny it straight away.
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