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Rude Boy ⇄ trading (76561199035834648) | Unban Request
Name: Rude Boy ⇄ trading

SteamID or Discord ID: 76561199035834648

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Why were you banned?: I got banned because i was talkin to my friend in chat and i used his full name and i got banned

Why should you be unbanned?: Because i didnt mean to intend it like that and it was an instant regret after and i apologise for it and nothing bad will happen again

We talked to said person and according to him, you are not his mate and he doesn't know you.
Anyway regardless, we take doxing in any sort seriously regardless of the circumstance. Releasing someones personal information on any platform is not acceptable.

Don't Re-appeal for aleast 3 months.
Any attempts to ban evade, like you have already done multiple time will only increase this time...


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