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Mitan (Mitan4E (mitten)#3470) | Unban Request
Name: Mitan

SteamID or Discord ID: Mitan4E (mitten)#3470

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Leaking staff information / dox / revealing map secret.

Why should you be unbanned?: Hello, approximately 3 months ago I was banned from the DS servers for doxing/leaking admin/admin’s information, revealing map secrets, and revealing private staff applications. Since then I have stayed distant from Jailbreak and DS as a whole, whilst also having the time to reflect on my actions which I know were shocking at the least. I once again want to address the fact that I still am very sorry to the entire staff team, predominantly those in which had their information leaked, and to all players which had their applications leaked. Undeniably, most of you, if not all, had grown disappointment/dislike towards me, but, I hope that over time it has at least faded the slightest amount, because I myself know that I have fully reformed, not just as a jailbreak player, but as a whole person. These past months have made me realise that trust is one of the most significant things people can give to you, and looking back at the way I threw it away and betrayed it leaves me feeling disgusted at myself.

I remember staff telling me that they want me gone forever, and that I should not be given a chance to even play again (I understand why). They also said that I am not really sorry for my actions; however, I promise that I am genuinely sorry for everything that I have done, and that if I am ever given the chance to play again, I will never make the same mistakes I have made in the past. Also I want to apologise to the staff which had to stay up on the evening of the investigation, I have countless regrets about that night, mainly the fact that I did not own up to what I had done and had wasted your time, I am sorry. No other server can match DS, in my opinion it is one of the most interesting/diverse yet, entertaining communities I have been a part of and no server comes close to matching it, which makes not being able to play impair even more. I made a lot of memories on DS, a whole lot of late nights (ps, not just the days of my fake afk), a whole lot of grinding for LR, and a whole load of friends. I would be stoked to have all of it back.

I understand that DS is meant to be a safe/fun place for players to enjoy the game mode they love; nonetheless, my past actions did not demonstrate that and made the jailbreak experience very hard to deal with for players. Many staff were left sick and tired of my selfish behaviour. My constant mic spam added greatly to this, and the fact that I was previously a staff member myself set out a terrible example for other players. I constantly encountered players saying “Isn’t Mitan staff? Why is a staff member mic spamming?” As they were not aware of my demotion, and looking back at it, the fact that I thought I was being “COOL” “FUNNY”, leaves me disheartened, I know I am better than that, I have changed. In my opinion, I don’t think that is even the worst part though, because a while back during the time of my demotion higher ups including Onionz himself said to me personally that even though my felony is something that is usually unforgiveable, they are still going to give me the opportunity to play and possibly earn trusted, the fact that I didn’t realise how generous they were being during this is shocking. Once again, looking back at this, it made me realise how much of a retard I was to intentionally continue to break rules, even though I had been given one of the luckiest opportunities ever I believe. I am so sorry, If I could go back in time I would change everything I have done wrong. Also, I know that these are not the only things and there are many other things I have done wrong but if I were to write in everything we would be here for a while, again, proving how much of a retard I was. But, even after all of this, after everything, time causes change, people do change, I have changed. I know 3 months is not a very long time but without Jailbreak it has honestly felt like 6 months, obviously 3 months is not 6 but you get my point. Ps, I know mic spamming was not the main reason that I was banned but I am still very sorry, I know how annoying I was to deal with. Also I want to re-state from my last unban request that I have completely wiped the document off of my hard drive and have not associated with it ever since my demotion.

I hope, by writing this it has not dug me into an even deeper hole, but has somewhat swayed your thoughts on me, because I really have changed, not just as a player but as a person, and I hope to once again join in on the jailbreak experience.
Kind regards,


Not even going to read this wall of text, re-apply in December.


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