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Taking a break.
Lets get this out of they way first. This might seem like some fucking joke or whatever, because most people on the server don’t like me, but this is me genuinely taking a break and reflecting on my past actions. I am also not taking a break just because my trusted application was denied. Now that is out of the way, let’s move on.

I have been playing on DS for around 3-5 months, and I have enjoyed it, but for the most part it has been a negative experience for me, mainly due to my higher voice and immaturity. After I was permed, and then unbanned after 3 months of unban requests, I have slowly started to drift away from DS, playing less and less (which some people on S2 may have noticed). After my father’s stroke and my grandfather’s passing, I still continued to play on DS which did not make matters any better, if anything it made me more of a negative person and made me a less respected player as I would just continue to be toxic towards players.

So after some thinking I have decided to take a break. It could be for days, weeks or maybe months, who knows and who really cares. Now if I don’t come back to DS I would like to give a few thank yous to people that have made my experience on DS more enjoyable.

To Loki, you are a great dude, and an amazing friend. You sticked by me for a long ass time, and still continue to do so. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and everything we have done together.

To Immortal and Aussie, I met Immortal a while back, and I met Aussie when I came back from my perm ban. You two are great friends, and made me laugh a lot, even if you guys did piss me off a little bit by calling me a girl, even so you guys made me laugh a lot and are great friends.

To WHEY, I met you on the S2 hub discord and is also a great guy. You were a team captain and a funny guy, and even though we bombed out of the tourney after 2 straight losses, you still helped the team out and encouraged us.

Being on DS has been an interesting and frustrating experience, but nevertheless it was still an exciting experience. If I do ever come back, I will try not to be as toxic as I was, and I hope you all have a good time playing on DS, because its a great fucking server.

Adios, Meeko.
Omw ...
what makes you think anyone cares? these posts are so fucking dumb
T4k3n's mate
have a good time
He really do be quitting after getting denied for trusted
[Image: 16efb9ece0601ae27adb24a4e52040b1.png]
Isn't this the guy that reformed in "2 days". How about this time take a 2 month break or until I get perm banned. Smile

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