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Banlight (STEAM_1:1:504151687) | Unban Request
Name: Banlight

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:504151687

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Why were you banned?:
old post on here

Account got vacced cause friend cheated on faceit

Why should you be unbanned?: i got told if i didnt evade i could get unbanned. i have been good boy and i wanna play jailbreak again Smile

Wanna link where you were told you had to be good to come back considering this is your first unban request.
Also it has been barely over a month so it is unlikely you will get an unban for cheating so quickly.
OK well it's really not worth it do me them. I haven't cheated & never will. I'd like to know what I done that count's as "cheating"
You injected Bhop cheats into your game client to allow you to Bhop perfectly creating an unfair advantage over the gamemode.
This is seen in your logged ban here:
Considering you failed to do the one thing I asked you to do which was provide some evidence for the one claim you stated in your unban request but instead decided to deny that you hacked which you did. 
You wont be let back into our community today.
Do not re-apply in less then one month from now.

Edit: After speaking with you in DM's seems there was a little confusion so I will allow you to re-apply on the 12/6/20 and we will re-evaluate your ban then.


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