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Arc (STEAM_1:1:41256849) | Unban Request
Name: Arc

SteamID or Discord ID:
| Arc#3877

Type of Ban: N/A

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: I wasn't

Why should you be unbanned?:

Most of you know me as Arc, in servers since passed I was called Arccharger. I'm posting this today as a statement saying that I have become REFORMED.

Many of you reading this may not understand what being reformed means, Merriam-Webster describes it as:
Quote:re·​formed | \ ri-ˈfȯrmd
Definition of reformed 
1 : changed for the better

I'm sure many of you may not understand what that means. It is in essence what happens when a person decides to stop going against the community, breaking rules, freekilling, mic spamming, etc. Im sure for many of you this must be hard to understand but I have looked at my actions within the last 24 months (2 years) and come to understand my place within the community. So I decided at 5am on the 14th of May that I would look at bettering myself.
1/2 hour (30 minutes ago) I set out to do something that many in this community may think is impossible.
I pledged to not break any server rules.

I understand what I'm doing may not seem feasable to you but I ensure that what I am doing is very possible. It is not a myth, I once saw myself a player that had not broken any rules for a whole day (24 hours). Unfortunantly this was a very long time ago and many players today were not around during past eras.

In my actions of being reformed I intend to be a become of hope for the community in the future and intend to stand brightly as someone who is a role model for all community members. I understand that breaking no rules may not be practical but I intend to act to the best of my ability in upholding this standard.

Thank you for your time,
Reformed Arc.
[Image: hcCiCvz.png]
i remember when i sucked arc off in 2018 good times too bad im irrelevant and a nobody
Denied. Please wait out your CTBan.

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