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Participant Requirements
Domination Servers 2020 Covid-19 Survivors Tournament
Participant Requirements

Each team must have 5 players and 1 optional substitute. No more, no less. The requirements for a player and sub to participate in the tournament includes:
Quote:Must have at least 50 hours on Domination Servers on the account they intend to play on (no alts).
Must not be currently serving a server ban on any server.
Is not currently registered in another team as a player.

General Information
The player that starts the game must play the game that applies to substitutes or regular team members.
Each player must be on the server at least 5 minutes before the match starts. This will be enforced strictly, teams will be removed if they are not on the server ready to play at game time.
Suggestions for players: Players should be talking to their Team Captain if they have any questions or concerns about game times, not being able to make it to a game, etc.

Prize pool
$50 Steam + 3 month level 5 for each player for winners team
Runner up
3 month level 5
Top Fragger
Intern mod for the player with the highest frags in a single game over the tournament

Player Availabilities
Due to the volume of expected participants we must assign game times, after registrations close we will be assigning game times for the first round. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone's scheduling requirements, Effectively you must take the time your team is given so before signing up for this tournament ensure you are available for all of the game periods.

What is a game period?
There will be multiple weeks of games, each week will have three game days, each day will have three game periods. Game period 1 will be from 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Game period 2 will be from 7pm - 8pm, Game period 3 will be from 8pm - 9pm EACH GAME DAY.

if you are interested in being the captain of a team please see Here

Applications will open Saturday the 9th May and close Saturday 16th May at midnight, Applications MUST be submitted by Team captains only

See the below image for more clarification.
[Image: yW3ycHE.png]

Please read the extended TOS/Rules.
[Image: CV9aEND.gif]
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