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miwa ( | Ban Request
Name: miwa

SteamID or Discord ID:

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 4:12, Round 3 Arctic Summer

Reason for the ban: Target Freekill, anti-favouritism.

Evidence: In the demos, you can see that he says be on the silver fridges by 8:10, I was up there by then, then as we are doing the jumps, he shoots me, says "he wasn't up there before, and I don't like him". I'm no admin, but I'm pretty sure you can't kill people for not liking them.

Hi Lumpy, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, i went through the demo and Miwa said to be on silver fridges by 8:20 you we're not on the silver fridges by that time,this results in you being KOS. Unfortunately there was no favoritism or freekilling involved.



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