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howy shit @98 i juwst wead whawt uwu said... Why duwu human wives mean so wittwe tuwu uwu, 1 pewson buwned awive (not an expwosion) in thawt awson attack awnd uwu have the audacity tuwu waugh at iwt awnd even enjoy waving iwt in the face of an anime fan. I used tuwu howd wittwe wespect fow uwu, but thiws iws the wast stwaw. I weawwy wegwet the time whewe i actuawwy vawued youw opinion. I shouwd be feewing angew thawt uwu awe so hate fiwwed, but in weawity i find mysewf pitying uwu. I cannot imagine whawt kind of chiwdhood uwu had tuwu awwow uwu tuwu think thawt making jokes abouwt an incident in which 1 pewson wewe buwned awive iws ok, considewing the wack of time ewapsed since the incident. Evewy singwe owne of those 1 peopwe kiwwed in the kyoto animation fiwe has bewn mowe beneficiaw tuwu me than uwu wiww evew be tuwu anyone.
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ur a fkn nerd
(25-03-2020, 09:21 AM)howls Wrote: ur a fkn nerd

dis nigga fr wrote a jailbreak fan fiction
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQSWxc801SzXCi8rgCYu...0Mk7XjZZ7j]
angry birds at utah hot springs by greshaminc on deviant art

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