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Multiple (Multiple) | Ban Request
Name: Multiple

SteamID or Discord ID: Multiple

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: Think it was 6pm QLD

Reason for the ban: Massive Mic spam from rounds 1-5 then freekilled a T for mic spamming round 6
Freaky STEAM_1:0:75511763

Massive Mic spam over warden for 5+ rounds in a row
molesto STEAM_1:0:529398180

Vent camping and Gun room camping round 2-3 and baiting Ts
Kaizu STEAM_1:0:50274880

Massive mic spam over warden rounds 4+ playing songs ect
nignog STEAM_1:0:526112151


Rounds 1 through to 6

ning nong do separate ban requests
(18-02-2020, 03:48 PM)Haiden ツ Wrote: ning nong do separate ban requests

Why flood the forums when you can just have 1 thread for multiple people? Stop being a degen
Hiya mates.

Please do not talk in this thread unless you are providing evidence or defending yourself if you are the one(s) accused.
Apologies for this not being noticed sooner, this will be looked into asap and a staff member will respond.
hi man thanks for report man

Freaky has been ctbanned
Kaizu already ct banned
molesto muted
didnt see "nig nog" micspamming

Thanks. id also recommend u record ur own clips as evidence so that u can get a credit reward Smile
[Image: im-very-mature-enamel-mug.jpg]
Closed, thanks.

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