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dat (dat#8409) | Unban Request
Name: dat

SteamID or Discord ID: dat#8409

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: i gave away imformation of where to get possible doxxes...

Why should you be unbanned?: i learnt what was wrong, regardless if the individual i named had the doxxes it was wrong to give away he/she's name, the action i did could endanger the identity's and possible the lives of the individuals i doxxed in an extreme situation.


You applied 3 days ago and got denied...
Considering your past history it is going to take alot more then just an apology before we are going to be willing to let you back. Again.
It is good you understand where you went wrong but the action still stands.
Do not reapply until at least a month or two has past

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