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Flipper23 (STEAM_1:1:529329814) | Ban Request
Name: Flipper23/gregorny

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:529329814

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 7:08pm NZT - free kill, ban evade evidence around 7:11 - all on skylight

Reason for the ban: Free killing,
potential ban evading
potential bhop scripts

Evidence: Ban Evade: "*DEAD* Flipper23 : think that ct ban was perm"
Has 17h on Flipper23 account
said on skylight he has been playing ds for 2 - 3 years (the first part is a bit confusing without demo round 8)
said he had been playing s2 for 1 year even tho ive never seen him and he has 17h, must have gone by another name (why I think hes ban evading)

Bhop Scripts: just look at demos

Free Killing:

^for free killing extra notice: only reason I stepped out of medic because it was order from warden

Sorry if times are slightly uncelar

First with the ban evading - Flipper23 is Cru which only has a ctban, not a server ban. 
If your going to provide evidence, it has to be screenshots or videos or something else more reliable. Putting in text is not suitable evidence since it can be easier edited.

Second for the bhops scripts - Not conclusive enough, will have to just keep an eye out for more evidence. We have logs so we will know if anything fishy is going on.

Third for the freekill - It wasn't flippy that kos you, it was nightstalker (flipper just following the warden that kosed you). Even tho it was most likely a false kos that lead to a freekill, we aren't going to slay for a single freekill. Unless you feel that this is a targeted kos/ happened on multiple occasions. provide more evidence that can confirm this.

Thanks for the report.

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