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Stepping back
A month ago, a not so close friend but friend none the less decided he was going end his life by stepping in front of a train after he was barraged with mountains of messages for doing something he likely regretted. Since then I've reflected on my own behaviour both online and irl and I realised that my messages towards him following what he did may of lead to him knocking himself over the platform.

This caused an internal crisis where I reflected on the things I've said particularly on DS and realised that my shitposting may of came across as actual mean spirited abuse when it was really just a laff. The last thing I want on my mind is another death, as rare as it may be that anyone from here would kill themselves, I didn't suspect him to do it either and he showed us that you shouldn't doubt that.

On top of that, I've been busy with external stuff and I'm actively looking for employment. I need to get my life on track, I'm not in high school anymore where I could play video games all day and not care about the world. There's many things happening but I can't lie when I say the suicide of last month rocked my world more than anything did before. While I think it can be seen that it is fairly retarded I would be worried about someone kicking the bucket on here, again, we didn't expect he would either. And he did.

I'll still be on, just in a more limited and stepped back place. This community is amazing, I've had and will continue to have an amazing time here. But I hope you can understand, even if I didn't play a significant role in the first place here.

Stay safe and well,
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this hit me in the feels being scared of losing a loved one... take as much time as you need, mental health is serious. Stay safe and don't end it all its not worth it.
Best wishes - Dat
As we may not get along the best Counter, mental health is a topic that also hits close to home for me as I have been in the centre of it. I offer you my deepest condolences to you and my support. Take your time and think everything over twice. Let me know if you need any help or someone to talk to.
Best of Luck - Dash  Heart
Love you so much <3

Oh my god who will fix combat surf now?????
gl with the employment man and coping with the loss

best wishes,
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Good luck man, stay safe

All the best,
Good luck and stay safe Counter!

v e n t c e l l k o s

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