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dat (dat#8409) | Unban Request
Name: dat

SteamID or Discord ID: dat#8409

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: I forgot to add in the last unban req i asked for, Dustin asked earlier about 5 minutes during that conversation that he asked for nufty's discord or steam whatever and when he asked me to dox for him i said asked nufty as an insult to not giving him it earlier.

Why should you be unbanned?: I reread the last unban req that i worded poorly which is probably why it was denied. I really want to prove i have really changed somehow but i have no clue because of my past decisions with this community but anyways i'll keep it short and say that i won't associate with those players anymore and talk about the doxxing and all that uncool stuff.
perm ban dustin

Molesto. You didn't JUST "Word it improperly" you have a fundamental flaw in your story. Instead of ignoring Dustin when he messaged you, you decided to redirect him to someone who will do the dirty work. That is whats wrong with what you did. it shows you have no regard for the personal information of the people affected, the staff team or the server as a whole.

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