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Last Chance
[b]Jas8621[/b] I know your secret you can not pretend to be good anymore i see right through you. He closed my thread as he saw i was getting close to the truth he tried to lock it away. I do not run from fear, not anymore. These admins have treated me like an animal we must stop him he will close this thread but if we can demote him. He said i didn't have evidence but i do and you will be exposed for what you have done i hope you understand you can not act like a tyrant your power has a consequence. I will restore balance to these servers admins will stop their abuse and they will pay for all they have done. Jas will be the first to pay this price i will not hide from you i welcome you. He has tried to ban me from the forums for his self interest another one of his greedy acts if this is not evidence check all his comments each one has a double meaning. Jas has been playing us for fools but i am no fool. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice you can't i have become immune to Jas lies. I have the evidence and i am not afraid to use it as i have seen you break the rules countless times you are a liar not an admin. You are no admin you do not shield me from the hackers and griefers but instead you inflict pain and harm to those you swore to protect. Your admin application was a lie you have betrayed the domination server and i will not stand for that as this place is my home and i hope you understand i will not let my home be burnt down. Jas i challenge you to a 1v1 if i win you are demoted and if i lose i will leave the dominations server and not expose you for the monster you really are. Jas i expect to be hearing from you shortly do not close this thread or i will use my evidence. I hope you understand what is happening. 
u say u have evidence but still havent provided any, like jas said to. and also use the proper format instead of ur wattpad fan fiction
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