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Guide on how to reform and ways to improve your odds in becoming staff / being less of a degen.

Are you a retard? Do you want to change your ways because you are looking for a staff position or because everyone is making fun of you? This guide will assist you in your quest to reforming.

Introduction / My experience and qualification

[Image: Aj7B3HF.png]

As you can see with my blocks, I used to be a micspammer who would constantly annoy the players on the server. Earraping and being annoying was my specialty, and the same could be said about other players currently on the server.

I am not FULLY making this forum post as a joke. I truly want to help some of the players on this server improve themselves and get the positions that their hearts desire.

The most important part about reforming is getting over bad habits. Simply saying “Get over habits” is greatly oversimplifying a much harder task.

Bad habits include screaming into the mic, talking over warden, spamming chat, Micspamming at round end, playing music over mic (etc).

Getting over any habits are hard, you will need to work and unfortunately it is not likely you will be able to go cold turkey and keep a perfect record. What is important is that you keep working at getting as little mutes as possible – eventually leading to 0 mutes / blocks.

Chapter One – Identification and acknowledgment

For you to start working on reforming yourself you need to acknowledge that you have a problem. Figure out what your issue is, Do you struggle to follow the server rules, do you struggle to stop micspamming.. (etc) These may sound rather stupid to someone who has not had real issues with themselves on the server, but as someone who used to micspam and earrape a lot a big part of the issue is acknowledging that there is an issue and you want to work on making yourself better and getting over the “addiction” of breaking the rules.

I highly recommend that if you are looking for a staff position you take your application denial reason onboard.

[Image: oFVUZVW.png]

This is my first application denial reason. It provides important information to why my application was denied.

The reason tells me that I mic and text spam too much and that other admins do not know me. The reason also gives me a way I can become well known and it is implied that I need to work on my mic and text spam.

Personally I would continue to work on my behaviour and would continue to get denied 5 more times before finally getting my staff position. You shouldn’t have to apply that many times for your position but every person is different and the amount of work required for one varies greatly.

Chapter TWO – The forum post

To make an effective forum post about your goal for reformation it is important to be honest, be sincere and stick to the promises you make in the post.

Generally you shouldn’t NEED to make a forum post but if you feel it would be beneficial and you want people to know you are making work on change it would not hurt to do so.

What NOT to do:

[Image: a1VQwWv.png]
[Image: OKOtgMF.png]

If you are going to make a post about how you are going to change, stick to what you say. Don’t make it repetitive and actually focus on making change. Obviously don’t make it an attention seeking shitpost.

What to do:

[Image: GgXzapA.png]

Chapter Three – Taking a break

Taking a break from the server may be a necessary part of changing your personality and actionns on the server. If you go on posting about how you are leaving the server, and then come back a few weeks later and haven’t changed at all nobody will take you seriously and any “work” you put to reforming will become invaluable.

During your time off don’t think about the server, play other csgo servers, find a hobby. Something to put your mind off of it for a while. Come back into the server when you feel ready with a fresh mind and continue to work on changing. If you do not feel that you are ready to come back to the server, do not return until you do so. It is imperative that you do not mess up your return as it will prove whether your time off has actually changed you at all or if you are still the same person you were previously.

Chapter four – REFORMING

The process of reforming is slow and brutal, depending on how deep you have dug yourself into the pits of degeneracy. There are certain things that you can do if you wish to change.

If your name / picture is associated with stupid behaviour it may be beneficial to change the necessary aliases. If you have taken a break, there may even be a time period where nobody recognises you, allowing for you to build new relationships with better behaviour and have a non-degenerate reputation for a while.

A good example of a player who attempted to reform but didn’t successfully is Dustin. Dustin would constantly change his profile picture and name, trying to be seen as a different person but would in the end turn up without change. He made many accounts to hide his blocks / identity which didn’t actually benefit him that greatly. Dustin himself stated that he was tired of getting denied and “reforming.” He believed he was making progress when he actually was digging himself deeper.

Making a new account / accounts to reform isn’t encouraged by me. The point of reforming is to show that you have improved and changed as a person and trying to hide that you are a person completely Is going against the point of change.

While reforming go against your old habits. Don’t micspam, see how the other players behave and try to follow the rules as expected. You don’t need to become a soy cucklord but you may need to make rather large changes to how you act on the server. Take the feedback you have received by the application denials on board and constantly think about it while you are playing on the server. Don’t let yourself get put down by other people while you are trying to improve.

Its important to be a friendly and optimistic player on the server who shows potential for a staff position if that is what you are looking for with reforming. Help new players on the server, don’t be an annoying dick and don’t behave in nazi manners while on CT. It should come without saying to follow the server rules.

In Conclusion

Stay off s2 as it will teach you bad habits

Persistence is key to reforming, if you aren’t consistent and persistent your efforts will be for nothing. Constantly work on improving yourself as a player and don’t let yourself fall back into old habits. If you are striving for a staff position prove to the admins that you are someone who the server would be proud to have staff member and somebody who people will enjoy logging onto the server and seeing online.

Nothing in life comes easy and without work, so if you plan to reform you have to take it seriously or you may just end up throwing yourself deeper into the volcano. (RIP mane)

Thank you if you have taken the time to read this and I wish luck to anyone who is looking to improve themselves on the server.
Wow thanks gada will do
Not screaming into the mic and following the rules is one of the easiest things on this server, if you can't even do that then you clearly shouldn't become staff lol, it's more of an I want attention look at me do dumb shit thing anyway zzz
O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA
wtf jbreakfast i earrapped for 1 secojnd before you muted. Therefore it wasn't micspam since it was only 1  second. I do not deserver 5 minutes it should only be 2 what the fuck j breakfsat kys 
-I vape apple juice.|
Just suck up to admins and say something autistic occasionally. Why do you think dugglez likes gada so much.
(04-02-2020, 05:14 AM)J Breakfast Wrote: wtf jbreakfast i earrapped for 1 secojnd before you muted. Therefore it wasn't micspam since it was only 1  second. I do not deserver 5 minutes it should only be 2 what the fuck j breakfsat kys 
-I vape apple juice.|
Just suck up to admins and say something autistic occasionally. Why do you think dugglez likes gada so much.
The reason I like gada is that I like a challenge, which getting gada on to staff really was. see u in 3 month
I'd like to add that any form of forum post is for attention-seeking degenerates such as Blueberry and Dustin. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.
vent cell front of cell is not an order
this sounds like was a how not to pull a dustin2k
Heart Heart Heart
Great post!

Did you somehow forget to post the references or is all of this your own ideas? I see many images attached but no references to their sources. I would hate for an active staff member to be plagiarising their own reports...
[Image: canada-flag-animation.gif]
@ dat guy requesting lock
vent cell hyphen spray
dustin2k type beat

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