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Using 2080ti on 144hz (76561198089004811) | Unban Request
Name: Using 2080ti on 144hz

SteamID: 76561198089004811

Server or CTBan: CTBan

Why were you banned?: I was Silence for apparently Revealing map secrets for 14 days

Why should you be unbanned?: Because all I said was map secret and apparently said the code for the map secret and I watch the demo and I didn’t say it all I said was map secret didn’t reveal any type of code for the map secret because I have learnet my lesson the first time I got banned for maps secret then I stop and made a silly mistake and said map secret I don’t think the ban should be for 14 days for just saying map secret and sorry for what I have done-using 2080ti on 144hz


You have previously been banned for a Mass Freekill , multiple dud ct acts, and map secrets as a CT in the last month, you seem to show no regard for what the rules are or have not taken the time to understand them, use this next 2 weeks to learn and understand these rules.

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