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Unban Request
Name: BreDelay
Steam ID 32: STEAM_1:1:437187892
Steam ID 64:
Status: Permanent CT Ban
Reason: Duplicate account
Admin that banned me: PANEL

From what I understand I was CT banned for having two accounts connected to the server with the same IP? I'm not sure exactly if this is why I was banned. The reason I had multiple accounts connected to the server is because one of the was me and the other one was my little brother (underglowmaster876) in fact he was ct banned too. we both have a PC and were both playing on the server at the same time. Previous to this I have had 2 CT banns  one of them was for gun planting (I admit to this) and the other was for team killing.

Still I'm not sure what I did or what "Duplicate account" is supposed to mean. all I know is i'm permanently CT banned.

I would honestly appreciate it if somebody took the time to review this.


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