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harry. ( | Unban Request
Name: harry.


Server or CTBan: Server

Why were you banned?: um i got discord banned for mentioning onionnzzzzzzzzzzz uh its been months and its like my 3rd time asking to be unbanned off discord so yeah.

Why should you be unbanned?: i wont mention onionzz again.

[Image: 915AEE80E8C7ACBC22D2178072367BA5AD3ECBD2]
maybe post ur discord id instead of steam
(16-01-2020, 11:30 PM)Turtle Wrote: maybe post ur discord id instead of steam

sorry im retarded

harry.#1684 sorry bout dat
Mentioning staff members, especially Onionz, for no reason has a negative impact. If staff members get pinged constantly for pointless reasons it will give them a slower reaction to the important stuff. We prefer to keep pings only for extremely important situations. It's also very distracting being pinged randomly. You have been unbanned.

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