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Pantat (STEAM_1:0:456192875) | Ban Request
Name: Pantat

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:456192875

Server: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 10:30pm Yesterday

Reason for the ban: Freekilling/targeted freekilling

Evidence: (Freekill on Mozzie) - He killed Mozzie for smoke killing dustin then blamed it on Mozzie nading him which you can see he didn't.

(Targeted Freekill on Me) - He targeted me because I killed him in the round previously - there were more freekills than this beforehand I just didn't clip them because I thought they were one off.

Off the first clip, you can see in chat the other T, sha threw the nade but Pantat though it was Mozzie... Not because he killed Dustin.
In the second clip you are clearly delaying, he said T room at the very start of the round, repeated it another few times and you were still jumping around and made your way to stairs, which you were then killed.

First kill, Pantat is just a dud and that would only result in a slay/swap in-game, we will watch for this behaviour more.
Second kill... Nazi, sure, but you did delay.


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