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love you bryan (STEAM_1:0:240172991 ) | Unban Request
Name: love you bryan

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:240172991

Server or CTBan: Server

Why were you banned?: bhop scripts/ using alt

Why should you be unbanned?: when i was banned i was being stupid using cheats and got banned my first reaction was to go to the server it linked in the popup message and when i did i quickly searched around and im not sure if the bans tab was there or i was just blind and couldnt see anything so i left the website and thought maybe it was just for a while so i thought i could maybe join the server on a different account and get a hold of someone that way but i was instantly banned (didnt even know you could see if two account are linked) i made a stupid mistake deciding to mess around with cheats even though this ruins the experience for anyone else on the server. I have thought about the stuff i did and im never cheating again. Im deeply sorry for any inconvenience i made for any of you but would love to play on the jailbreak servers again it would be much appreciated if you could reduce the ban on my now main account "my dad left me" since i dont use this account anymore. thanks a lot in advance


Im unbanning you on your alt account considing your main is VAC banned.
Just be aware that any form of cheating in the future will result in a permanent ban without being able to appeal.

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