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live wire zackie (STEAM_1:0:191698071) | Ban Request
Name: live wire zackie

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:191698071

Server: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 12:50, Round 1, Revolutiion

Reason for the ban: Free killing, favoutism. Favouritism not shown in video


I've reviewed the demo, and found that while he did kill a t inside on open day (slayable) as well as killing you wrongly in lr (slayable), these actions do not constitute a ctban. The freekill in question was not intentional (as shown here). This will be noted, but a ban will not be handed down.
Thank you for submitting this though.
vent cell front of cell is not an order

Zackie should know better at this point. While he didnt intend to freekill he intended to shoot at a T like a spastic and by the time you reach 500 hours you have a understanding that shooting at T's results in killing the T.

This will be Zackies 10 CT ban, due to the natures of the ban not going to result in a normal ban.
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