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my dad left me (STEAM_1:1:521408662 ) | Unban Request
Name: my dad left me

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:521408662

Server or CTBan: Server

Why were you banned?: on my old main account love you bryan i was banned for using b hop scripts and then on this account which is my new main i was banned for using a second account

Why should you be unbanned?: im not sure of the punishments of using sripts on the server and how long i was originally banned for and didnt know how i could check how long it was so i made a new account to try and talk to an admin but i was banned immediately but i did not know that using a second account would extend it if it did also i was just messing around with some free cheats and wasnt trying to use them to advantage me since it was fun zooming around the map for the couple seconds i did im sorry for doing this and will never use cheats or anything ever again and have learned from my mistakes i would also like you to consider i have got one gag in the couple hundred hours i have on the server and made a stupid mistake i would really like to play on your server again if i could. cheers

If this is actually the case, you could have easierly just looked up on the server portal, that everyone has access to, or maybe joined the discord and talked to someone about it. 

What you did on your account "love you bryan" was inject a cheat/hack into your server. This is not only against Domination Servers policy/rules, it again valves policy aswell.

Using any cheat is a permanent ban on the server that in certain situations can be reduced considering the situation. 

Make a proper ban appear on a forum account linked to your "love you bryan" steam account explaining what you did to get banned and why you feel your permanent ban should be reduced. 

Unban form -

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