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Sinister (STEAM_1:1:508334574 ) | Unban Request
Name: Sinister

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:508334574

Server or CTBan: Server

Why were you banned?: I was banned off the discord i was not even apart of, i was ban off the discord because i pinged CoiNz because there was an issue i told him that why he had my ip and why he was going to send it to onionzz, then CoiNz said if you ping me 1 more time you are getting banned, then onionzz bans me even though i did not ping him i dont know why i was banned from onionzz i did not do anything bad

Why should you be unbanned?: On the discord on DS on the muted section from the texts,

Denied, and stop shitposting on the forums or you will be banned on here as well.

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