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Y o u r A n O b j e c t (cbanga08) | Unban Request
Name: Y o u r A n O b j e c t

SteamID: cbanga08 or YourAnObject

Server or CTBan: Server

Why were you banned?: For using a macro

Why should you be unbanned?: Jas8621 told me to turn it off, i did and he still banned me because i was 'showing macro jumps'. I have been warned before and i didn't listen and now i have and he still banned me. Also i have been forgetting sometimes but i am mostly okay at remembering, and when i reloaded csgo i did close it off (before i got banned)

One, you and your mates just went on a massive spree of mass freekills on s2
Two, you and your mates were caught earraping even after multiple mutes on server 2
Three, you have been warned multiple times by multiple admins to disable you macro binds designed to improve your jumps (bannable offence without warning)
Four, you disabled you macro while you were aware I was still on the server but I left and returned 10 mins later under a different alias and caught you AGAIn using your macro bind.

So which of these four reasons should I use to justify your ban?
Honestly I'm being quite lenieant only giving you a 3 day server ban for the macro you deserve more.
The fact you can't understand that your own actions are negitively impacting the server is why you have recieved this punishment and when you are unbanned unless you decide to really think about your actions Unfortunately I feel we will have this conversation again.


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