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MonkeyMan (STEAM_1:1:124859060) | Unban Request
Name: MonkeyMan

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:124859060

Server or CTBan: CTBan

Why were you banned?: I free killed some people

Why should you be unbanned?: We were doing race on canyon dam and i was afk for the start so didnt hear the rules but when it was over i heard an order saying kill the losers who werent in the top 3 which i thought was the wardens orders but was actually a t order. I did not know this and killed 3 people. I will make sure to verify orders from now on and not get t orders mixed up.

You've got a few previous bans for similar things. Sounds like you got off easy with a 3 day ban from Decroded if it was an "accidental massy"

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