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Unban Request
Name: FriendlyBacon [AUS]
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:171106558
Sourcebans or CTBan: CTBan (Permanent)

Which Server  (Jailbreak Server #1)

Reason for the ban: Duplicate Account

Originally, I was CT Banned for vent camping, as i had not thoroughly read the rules properly. I was initially CT Banned for a day. The Next Day, I logged in, and i couldn't become CT because me and my brother were playing together, so the system CT Banned me permanently. This is only my basic understanding, and I am sorry for not reading the rules once the option to become CT was avaliable. I have read the rules properly and I wish to be un-CT banned.
You attempted to join CT whilst CT banned on your other ZAC account and were automatically banned for attempting to evade. Please be more careful in the future. 

[Image: CV9aEND.gif]
IP Address: Logged

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