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just gonna leave there here, onion man now accepts staff apps if you have been vac banned on a account you used to play on the server nice
also also
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yes that is clubys old account

being staff on ds used to be something that was hard to achieve something that was respected, now they just seem to accept anyone whos semi active on the forums or discord,
vent cell hyphen spray
vac banned over a year ago and banned 4 months ago for mic spam dont see the problem
why would u spam on s2
This whole thread seems like a directed attack at Cluby's character then any meaningful complaint so I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve here. Yeh Cluby hasn't had the best past history but one thing our staff team does well is give chances. We give our player base many many chances when they fuck up and get banned but we also give players a chance to change their attitudes and prove that they are more then just annoying prebs who hang out on S2.
Everything that you have shown is from January of this year. Going into January of 2020 now you need to realise the amount of change that can occur in that time. He has been willing to prove to a majority of the staff team that he is worth giving a shot at staff and as of right now is still in that process. He is still trial. Trial is not a garnered shoe in for a staff position nor does it mean that he can revert back to older habits.
If he is able to continue to show his dedication to making DS a better place then why should we deny him that chance because of something he did a year ago.
i take back my comments 
rather give cluby operator then give craigy intern mod

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