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unban me plz

steam id:

Ct banned

server: jb1

reason of ct ban : evading ban

banning admin: idk 

Why should you be unbanned: so apparently i tried to ban evade by going on a other acc but i dont have another account so i got  perma ct banned. i dont know why they think i got a second account bc i dont and yes there is a account that has a profile pic of ryujin in my friends list but that is not me that is my friend tony he aso likes k-pop  Big Grin  

and can i get discord link Big Grin
You have been linked to this account:
You were automatically banned for playing on the above account while your current account was banned could you please explain this for me?
well i got perm ct banned for trying to avoid a different ct ban by going on a different acc but the acc that u linked only has 1.5 hours so can u tell me how am i trying to avoid the ban even if that was my account  u need 10 hours to actually play ct on Jail break. Undecided
The alt was banned for attempting to join CT it is an automated system and it doesn't care about the 10 hour restriction. you Attempted to join CT and evade and got banned for it. 
Either way I am going to reduce your main accounts ban to a week as the original ban has expired and is reletively minor. 
Ban evading during this time will mean the Permanent  will be replaced again.

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