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Mickan AA
Suspect: Mickan
Date: 3/12/2019
JB Server 2
Mickan uses server message to call me a retard and proceeds to mute me for 2 minutes then un-mute me. He also did jackshit to a guy who was trying to ct smoke me
The mute was given to you because it was taking you almost half the round to move the T's simply to medic, once a new warden started progressing the round you were unmuted.

as the for smoke I was not aware at the time that he had attempted to smoke you multiple times. When I noticed that you died from his smoke i slayed and respawned you, so I'm unsure why you think i "did jackshit to a guy who was trying to ct smoke you"

after seeing that he was clearly trying to be malicious he has now been given a 3day ct ban for it.
^ Per this Mickan was unaware of Anime's Intentions to Ct smoke you so only gave him a slay/swap for Un-intentional CT smoke. This has since been rectified.

As much as I disagree with the mute you did not serve the whole mute as he unmuted you as soon as the round continued to progress. In future try to ignore hecklers and people attacking you over voice chat and continue wardening as It is the staffs responsibility to deal with mic spammers and people disrupting the round. By playing into the hands of the disrupters you stopped progressing the round and became part of the problem. 

Mickan has been talked to regarding the misuse of GAC and to look into the CT smokes a little more thoroughly in future.

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