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unban request
Name: Cheesed

SteamID2 (76561198185999899)

Server or CTban:


Which Server (e.g JB1):


Reason for the ban:
duplicate account

Banning admin: 

Why should you be unbanned: 

I believe I should be unbanned due to the fact I clicked ct by accident on my alt account and ive played on the account previous to the ban and I have been hopping on the account every now and again, I was playing ct on JB2 and ct smoked a guy for free killing and massing I was then ct banned for three days and I’ve learnt that the smoke was just out of frustration of him lacking to do anything about it. Then a couple days later I went onto my alt account as I do normally to get my hours up and then I accidentally clicked ct not thinking.   Heart
You have been unbanned.
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