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1000 Word Essay - Maturity and how it benefits you and others.
What is maturity and how to obtain necessary social skills to be known as mature.
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My main reason for writing this article is because I felt my previous informative note was lacking in accurate information and did not provide enough useful or easy-to-follow guides.



Maturity is a skill that not all people can pull out of thin air. To truly gain maturity it takes patience, practice and persistence.

The trait of maturity can be broken down into 3 separate parts. 
Behavioural, Emotional and Practical Maturity.
A common definition of maturity is:
"To behave like adults in a way that shows they are well developed emotionally." When one behaves maturely, they demonstrate that they are able to handle situations that would require varying amounts of Physical, Mental or Emotional maturity. Humans naturally produce Epinephrine when under stressful situations. Epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline causes us to generally think irrationally or focus on short term benefits in situations, instead of focusing on the bigger picture. When your brain is succumbed to anger and Epinephrine is flowing into your brain and around your body, it causes you to want to throw a punch, break something or beat the person in some moral conflict. Jailbreak as a game-mode embraces this natural instinct. One small mistake and you have just repeated that same 8 minute wait you just sat through. The two teams both share similar goals in jailbreak - victory. Although the anger from failure is rather normal and should not be shunned or shamed. Failure is not necessarily something to be proud about, meaning you will often feel frustrated and angry when you do not succeed in your goal. The topic of goals is a segway into our first discussion about Emotional Maturity.

Setting (realistic) goals is a commonly shared "way" to become more socially mature. Having goals makes you more organised and helps you keep yourself afloat. Beneficial ways to improve goals is to chose topics/hobbies/interests that you personally enjoy. Many people will often set unrealistic goals for themselves, described as the "New Years Resolution Effect." Surveys demonstrate that only roughly 10% of adults who set Resolutions are able to keep their goals for a few months. It is very significant that any goals set are realistic to the person who needs to change and the Goal-Setter is physically/mentally ready for the challenges that come with setting goals. If you are able to slowly build up the skills and Social Structure to keep goals and tasks going for extensive periods of time, you will greatly mature as a person. 
If goal setting is not your strong point, Timing is a subtle yet significant part of maturity. Being aware of the correct times to act mature and when to have some more fun and behave imprudently is rather necessary for Social and Mental maturity. Staying focused and concentrated is constantly linked to maturity. A method that has been proven to be beneficial to. not all, but most people is to set a time of the day to have more fun, relax, goof off and have a nice time. Similar to having a holiday or break during work / school. You come back and feel far more refreshed and prepared than you would have a few weeks/months ago.

During formal situations it is often not appropriate to act immature and/or childish. Formal situations are to be treated with respect and if you do not act responsible in formal situations it will reflect immaturity onto you. Setting barriers for yourself and becoming more aware of when you have crossed the line when making jokes or remarks is a very important step in being displayed as a mature person. Surround Yourself With Whom You Want To Display As. Being around mature takes habits from others and can bounce them off onto you. Show respect to those who are mature and actively participate in surrounding yourself with the people who you want to demonstrate who you are.

Showing respect to others is a simple way to demonstrate maturity. People appreciate respect and generosity, you do not have to allow people to trod on you and kick you around, although not being so tight about all situations will allow people to take more of your opinions on board and in the greater scale, we all need to live with each other in our daily lives. It is far better that we get along than constantly conflict. 
Take responsibility for your actions, health and happiness. Relying or blaming your issues onto other people will seem annoying and childish to most people, causing you to most likely receive the label of immature and irresponsible. Flexibility is a trait of maturity, being able to adapt to help other people and even make sudden changes when necessary for yourself without feeling overwhelmed or flattened. 

Helping other people Is a large part of maturity, especially when you are not necessarily benefiting from the situation. As stated before, people appreciate forgiveness and moving forward, being stuck up and tight about things in life is often considered immature and irresponsible. Supporting other people around you and not getting envious and salty about others success is greatly beneficial for you to mentally mature and make more friends in general. Although life may seem unfair or cruel, it is important to stay focused at not letting your primal instincts take control and stay mature in necessary situations. 

Control your temper, Do not appear impatient or temperate in frustrating situations. Most people just want to get through their daily life for leisure time to enjoy themselves. When you make it difficult for people to do that, you behave immature. Pass up short term gratification for long term benefit, always focus on your future. 

If you combine these skills and techniques it is rather certain that you will mature as a person even if it is only minuscule. If you have made someones day better, you have done a good thing. Maturity is a gateway to a better life for you and for other people. In my personal journey to become a more mature individual I have learnt many social skills with great benefits and I do encourage you to make attempts to improve yourselves and other peoples lives simply by behaving in a more mature manner. Maturity takes time and most likely will not come instantly, but if you surround yourself with the correct people and stay committed to improvement I give you my Gada Promise™ that you will benefit in life.


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Thank you for taking the time to read.
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I respect your choice of time spending.
Amazing read thank you so much for the information  Smile
I will become so much more mature now Thankyou!
God you have no life
maybe if you actually changed your attitude and stopped acting like an autist instead of saying LOOK HOW MATURE I AM I CHANGED without actually changing you might have a slither of a chance at getting staff idk
O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA
I'm still giving you a -1

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I'm giving you an A3 (low achieved if you're in New Zealand), and learn to use some paragraph breaks, makes things more readable.
You need to properly cite your references.
too long didnt read
Player has been server and ct banned. Reason: Maturity.



Tom [Kevin Rudd]

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