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CoiNz abusing or not?
Admins name : CoiNz

Time of incident : 2019/11/17 15:32:20

Evidence :

Details of the incident : Spawning in a weapon that's not in the map and medi shot's, the map was ba_jail_ds_canyondam_v7
With VIP you can spawn in weapons on CT, including medishots and a scar20. 
PS: If I spawned it in everyone will be able to see it, it's like giving ak47s at 2
Hello sinister

CoiNz while being a Senior Admin who is expected to not abuse is also a VIP level 2.
VIPs have special abilities that they can use once a map including spawning themselves a gun for one round on CT. This also includes medishot for Ts and CTs.
They can only do this once a map and as I see in your video your screenshots occur on the same round. If an admin is abusing by spawning themselves items you can see in the chat it would say something like
MaX-PaiN gave weapon_negev to themself.


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