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Ct Ban Request
Suspect: Kaisanni and slick
Date of when it happened: 16/11/2019
Accusation and reason: I was on server 2 and we turned on boxing then kaisanni knifed me and refused to slay and did not slay. Later Slick ct smoked me at the start of a round and did not slay either.
Evidence: Kaisanni: Slick:
(UPDATE) People are changing their name to stuff like "Allu stay mad" "Allu is gay" Or "Stay mad allu." Kaisanni also teamkilled me a second time evidence here d ct smoked me AGAIN Evidence here: He is ct killing me while i am typing this report so this is why it is such a crude and uncomplete ban request.

Slick also just fucking ct smoked me and told a T to shoot me. Evidence:
both have been banned.
contact anthonyy either in game or on discord for your credit reward.
vent cell front of cell is not an order

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