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may i be unctbanned please :)
Name: opzy

SteamID2: STEAM_1:0:103300862

Server or CTban: CTBan

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban: Mass freekill

Banning admin: Turtle

Why should you be unbanned:

I beg for thou forgiveness, moderators and administrators of Domination Severs. My actions caused servere injustices to the effected parties, and how regrettable that makes me. Much reflecting I have done since that fateful night, and as a result I have had a change of heart. Never will I be seen acting as foully as I was during those events. Surely one ecstacy filled night of mischief does not seal my fate for eternity. Such fond memories of hosting Geography Games, freekilling zamma and helping new players, I fear I will never experience anything like it again. My dearest apologies go out to Cowcat, the abuse he tolerated was inadmissible, and I look down on my immoral behaviour. Although my malevolence must be punished, a permanent forfeiture of my Counter-Terrorist privellages is a step too far. So, on my hands and knees, I plead to thee, in a display of thou divine benevolence, to act mercifully upon my soul, to lift this punishment from my feeble frame.
Hey faggot,

please explain why you have multiple ctbans across multiple accounts.
please explain why you currently use VPNs on the server since you were CTbanned.
please quell my suspicions that you are currently ban evading.
I'd be happy to. I have one smurf account, that I have used to play half an hours worth of jailbreak (proof). As you need 10 hours of playtime to be a CT, I can't see how this could be considered evading. I was not aware it was CT banned, as I haven't used it since then on JB. The ct ban is not a result of misuse of CT privileges, however, but rather because of it being a duplicate account. I simply was using that account and was asked if I wanted to play some jb by someone, couldn't be fucked switching accounts. As for the vpn, I'm at a boarding school that blocks cs:go, so I need it to play while at school. I'm finished with school in 4 days, so it shouldn't be an issue in future, but the notion that I've only started using it since CT banned is misleading, as I have always used it while at school, even the night I got ct banned. Does that quell your suspicions?
Why belive you tho the only thing we know you for on our servers is team smoking, team killing and conducting two mass freekills?

I also think it's pretty unfair to say only reason you are banned is because of duplicate accounts, In our eyes its because you broke the rules a fair bit then evaded.
[Image: CV9aEND.gif]
IP Address: Logged
So after 125 hours, one night where everyone but one person was having fun gets me permanently CT banned? Also, I've just detailed how I wasn't evading. I have clearly only played half an hour on that account, proved with stats, and since 10 hours is required for CT it was impossible for me to even attempt to evade. So there's proof for that. Not sure how you want me to prove the VPN thing, but here's a vid.

- GGS = Geelong Grammar School
- Notice when I turn off my VPN I disconnect from CS:GO servers

Idk what proof you want. Also, I didn't say the only reason I got banned was because I evaded. I said the only reason my ALT got banned is because I evaded, because my alt could have never got a CT ban otherwise because I was unable to even go on CT if I wanted to.

Also, the CT smoking your referring to was months ago, where I smoked my friend whom I was in a discord call with after he freekilled everyone and ruined my geography game. You can check demos if u want proof for that. The guy I smoked was sheen who is in my steam friends list. It was also one massy, which I was banned for two weeks for, and then turtle decided to up it to a perm. So two bans for the same massy.

It's been a month since my CT ban, which was for 1 massy and a few freekills. I didn't evade, proven with the stats and the video. Surely thats enough of a punishment
I was personally referring to you getting actually ctbanned (not dupe banned) on other accounts. Or do you think we don't know about that?

You definitely deserved a perm from your history and now this appeal has turned into you believing it shouldn't have happened in the first place. very remorseful of you
Quote:ctbanned (not dupe banned) on other accounts. Or do you think we don't know about that?
Please tell me what other accounts you are talking about, the only alt I have is faggot. and I just detailed to you how I was CT banned on that for it being a dup (proof). If you think I have another alt you are just plain wrong. Bearing that my cousin has been on my IP and I go to a boarding school where many people play CS:GO, I'm going to assume that your confused, but if you link me these "other accounts" I'll happily disprove them. Don't try and be play it smart if you aren't actually correct, because I haven't been CT banned on any alts.
Quote:You definitely deserved a perm from your history and now this appeal has turned into you believing it shouldn't have happened in the first place. very remorseful of you 
Did I? A single massy and a CT smoke on my friend who was freekilling (check demos) is all it takes to get a perm ban these days? It's been a month, surely that is a reasonable punishment, permanent seems extremely excessive for a massy on server 2. I think, Turtle, you personally are acting extremely unfairly in this situation, personally upping my previously enstated ban from two weeks to permanent, and then wrongly accusing me of ban evading. I'd like it if someone other than you looked into this please, as it doesn't seem your mind can be changed. I don't know what "history" has prompted you to believe that a massy should warrent me a permanent CT ban.

Stop attempting play it smart and just look at the situation at an unbiased view point:

- I haven't evaded on an alt, I've played half an hour on a single alt
- My "history" includes two 3 day CT bans, one of which was for smoking my FRIEND who was purposely ruining my game by freekilling
- I have been banned for over a month
- I haven't seen a single other person given a permanent CT ban for a massy
- I'm being accused of using mysterious "other accounts", which I just don't have
Hello faggot, these are the other accounts that play under the same IPs you do

It is standard practice to perm CTban after 4 mass freekills.
Wow, wasn't cuck. in the video that got me CT banned? Must've been playing on two accounts at once. Yeah, that is my cousin's account and his alt. I think it would be fairly obvious considering 90% of the time we play under different IPs and we play simultaneously a lot but I guess not.

Video in question by the way, he is chat spamming while I'm talking on mic
And the other one?

You think I care enough to take the time to verify these things when you are the one committing the offence, and you have only appealed months later. It may be fairly obvious to you but maybe you should take the time to exit that thick skull of yours next time you have this snarky attitude and understand the perspective of other people.

The fact that all of these accounts has not played on the server in over 2 weeks - 1 month shows that something isn't adding up.

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