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Corks ban apeal (should deny)
Unban apeal
Name: corks cracked


Server or CTban: server

Which Server (e.g JB1): server #2 jailbreak

Reason for the ban: Doxing (Luna) i used his nickname that he specifically says to call him.

Banning admin: @Anthonyy

Why should you be unbanned: first timer, i'm still young and dumb, i used what he says to call him by from his biography.
Angry Heart Cry
You and your mate were working together and changing your names to try and dox Luna.  I was gonna let you off with a warning but you decided to ban evade. You then also harassed Luna and told him to say goodbye to his internet. For now you will remain banned. Feel free to re-apply for an unban in a month.

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