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Bullz CT ban Request
Name: XXBullzXX

SteamID2: STEAM_0:1:420258272

Time of Incident:22/10./19 5:52 pm

Server(e.g. JB1): JB2

Reason for the ban: Bullz in the past has not only baited but also can be shown vent camping when it is against the rules. He has claimed that he had only just jumped down and it had caught his eye but as shown he was looking at the vent and had set himself in a position to kill me. He is also shown continuing to attempt to vent camp whilst I was in spectate mode.

Other incidents from other players in the community such as:
Miwa - Free killing 
Zacroh - Free killing, vent camping & Gunroom camping
Apprehends - Vent camping, Gunroom camping, free killing

This just proves that if he has done it in the past he can continue to do it again and again

Evidence: https://streamable.com/kb0oq
Bullz has been ctbanned. Message me in game or on discord for credit reward. Anthonyy#5473

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