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Unban Request

SteamID2 - 76561198125910177

Server or CTban: Server

Which Server: JB1

Reason for the ban: " Duplicate Account "

Banning admin: PANEL

Why should you be unbanned: Im not to sure what the reasoning for the ban is other than something to do with IP. I have a family member that also plays on the same computer in the same house on the same IP address. I play alot on these servers and have never been muted, banned , gagged , kicked etc. I am not quite sure how you guys go about these bans but it doesnt surprise me if these are a regular occurrence. 

I would really appreciate it if i was unbanned or investigated for this manner.

Kind Regards - TOASTY  Tongue
You were banned because our system picked you up for being directly connected to an account that was banned earlier that day for using bhop hacks. Denied. Re-apply in a month and next time don't lie on your appeal.

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