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Windex unban request
Why should I be unbanned: I only meant this as a harmless joke as I know L destroy in real life,  I understand from his point of view how It could have been embarrassing and somewhat scary If someone from the internet knew his name. From my point of view their was a lot of mic spam and didn't believe anyone would hear.I deeply apologise for my doings and have apologised to L destroy. 

Steam id:

server: JB2

Banning Admin: Anthonyy

Time of ban: 6:15 PM 12/10/2019
"I deeply apologise for my doings and have apologised to L destroy." the only thing you have said to me is "did you ban me"
Accepted. We will be keeping an eye on you. Please don't dox your IRL mates, its not cool and like you said it can be very scary. If caught doing this again you won't be unbanned.

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