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Players Union
For: Removing Dugglez from the PU
Against: Removing robert and blobby.
against: removing dugglez from pu
for:removing robert and blobbye
yo keep robert in fuck dugglez off
For: removing Dugglez for the PU
Against: removing robert from the PU
. .
Against : Removing dugglez 

For : Removing robert and blobby
The vote tally has been updated on the previous page.

Former PU Officer Retrodawn has had some good ideas for the Players Union (PU).
After the election there gonna be a rapid and strong movement from the Players Union to stand up for what is right, what is just, what is fair!
Everyone forgot about this, but Robert and I have reconciled our differences and called off the votes to remove each other from the PU prior to the votes ending.
Moreover, Raymond and Oscar were re-elected once more to the positions of first and second officers respectively.
1. You think I have to listen to you

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